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Learn the art and craft of professional bartending

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Learn how to mix, stir and shake under the experienced instructors in an upgraded bar setting. Classes cover the basics of alcohol alchemy, teaching students to blend liquors and mixers into sippable sensations.

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Best Courses on the Island

These courses are designed for those who work in or wish to gain employment in the hospitality industry (Hotel Bars, Cocktail Bars, Night Clubs, Cruise Ships, Restaurants).

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our credo is to train individuals to become competent in the profession of bartending. The organisation engages the most experienced lecturers to achieve this mission. and continuously improve the bar standards according to the latest industry trends.
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MQF Level 3 Award in Bartending

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Tuesday 18th June

Every Tuesday and Thursday

for 4 weeks at 18:00 to 21:30

This is a Beginners Course
The 28-hour course includes extensive training and hands-on practice related to all aspects of tending a bar; from the code of practice and the role of the bartender to how to deal with the customer. Speed techniques, Introduction to Flair and garnishing great cocktails will help any new bartender prepare to meet the demands of this fast-paced, fun job. Once you complete our course you would have built a solid base that will give you the confidence to immerse yourself into the beautiful and crafty profession of the Bartender.

MQF Level 4 Award in Bartending

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This is an Intermediate Course

6 key modules: Bar Practice, Mixology, Free Pour, Classic Recipes, Theory and Introduction to Flair. Each module has been carefully designed to put you well above the rest of the competition within the industry and you can enter the course completely assured that you will be taught the newest and most in demand trends of the trade. The Intermediate Bartending Course is the only bartending course in Malta to offer you over 50 hours of instructor lead education.

3-Day Mixology Course


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Take it up a Notch and learn how to mix, stir and shake under the experienced instructors in an upgraded bar setting. Classes cover the basics of alcohol alchemy, teaching students to blend liquors and mixers into sippable sensations. the Mixology Course purely based on cocktail making from classics to modern techniques. *Previous work experience is required

Flair Bartending Course


Kindly contact us if interested. Please note this is not a beginners Course.

The Flair Bartending course is held by the award winning Flair Bartender Mr Boban Vasic, who will lead you through the world of Flair and help you progress as a Flair Bartender. The full course consist of 8 lessons per 3.5 hours. by the end of this course  you should be able to handle bottles and bar equipment with style and elegance, develop your own personal style, and gain a confidence to impress and entertain the customers in your bar while working.

Very small classes with plenty of individual attention.

Introduction to Cocktail making
Short course


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Award in Wines

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This is a course for Beginners
Split into 2 modules: Theory, Wine tasting technique & and Practical Wine. Each module aims at providing the basics in Wine Appreciation, an overview of the most renowned grape varieties and wine regions, and the ability to make your own judgement in terms of quality versus price. The course will also give you the opportunity to taste and compare same grape varieties at different quality levels.

Wine Regions Course


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Wine Advanced Course


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Split into 3 modules: Module 1 aims at giving in detail knowledge of the Wine Tasting Technique, viticulture and vinification of the most renowned wine regions of the world and address the typicity of a style of wine.  Following the completion of the course the successful candidate will be able to make understand, explain and assess the wine style and quality. The course will also give you the opportunity to taste typical examples of international styles. Module 2 will be covering the most important Old World Wine producing regions as well as Sparkling Wines including Champagne and other sparkling wine producing methods and regions. Module 3 will be covering the most important New World Wine producing regions as well as Fortified Wines like Port, Sherry, Marsala, Madeira and more.

Introduction to Wine tasting
Short course


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Split into 2 modules: Theory & Wine tasting technique. Module 1 aims at giving in detail knowledge of viticulture and vinification of the specific wine areas/regions of the world and delve into terroir and producers. Following the completion of the course the successful candidate will have in debt knowledge and be able to speak confidently of some good examples of wines coming from these areas.

Wines of Europe
Short course


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Wine and Food Service Course


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This course is aimed specifically to the catering industry in providing the successful participants with the necessary tools for good standards of wine and food service. The lessons will cover the most important aspects of service and provide a platform for the main operating procedures used in most catering outlets.
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World of Spirits Course


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Skills and knowledge for the more experienced bartenders

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The Spirits of the World Course is intended for people who are passionate about spirits but have little or no knowledge of spirits. This course aims to provide product knowledge covering the various aspects of production and gain a greater appreciation both on a working and at a recreational level. This will provide the necessary tools and competencies to the staff working in the catering industry, retail and wholesale as well as enjoyment to the aficionado. This course is divided into 2 modules: Tasting & Theory

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